Urgent Care

Most primary care practices make it a rule that you cannot enter into their system without first establishing with a complete physical exam. However, if a patient wants to come in and meet us through a urgent care reason, NNPA will accommodate a sick patient who does not need to be seen in an emergency room (as we are not one nor are we an Urgent Care Center) but who has an urgent complaint that could easily be taken care of by our medical practice without the wait time, enormous fees and lack of personalized/continuity of care.

A patient who is seen here as opposed to a “clinic” does get the same benefit of the quality of care and personalized service that our primary care patients receive.   We have the ability to run on-site:

  • Quick Strep Tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Slides for some vaginal infections: Yeast, Trichomonas and Bacterial Vaginosis.
  • EKG
  • Glucose/Blood Sugar Testing

Any tests that need to be ordered through a lab can be drawn here and sent to LabCorp or Quest.  We do have a contract with a lab for those patients without insurance or who carry a high deductible to lessen the costs of any tests that need to be sent out.  We have the ability to order any radiology test needed; however, the radiology centers are off-site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: NNPA allows a onetime Urgent Care visit; we will still see the family members or out of town guests of our current Primary Care patients.  After an initial Urgent Care visit we encourage you to establish with us or another Primary Care provider for your future needs as we really believe in relationship based care.  If NNPA is not your Primary Care Provider (PCP) we will not be able to fill your future prescription requests, provide after hour call service or answer additional clinical questions by phone, as these benefits are only available to our Primary Care patients.  NNPA also cannot provide/prescribe controlled substances without previous medical records and a thorough history and exam as appropriate for the reason of your visit.  We look forward to seeing all of our patients, as your primary provider or not.