Payment / Fees

NNPA is a fee for service practice.  We are not a membership based practice or a concierge practice, although we provide the same services as one.  Our appointment charges are based on time and complexity.  All patients are charged the same fees whether you have insurance or not.

These are the reasons we do not accept insurance and why our model is better for your health:

  • Our appointments are double the length of a traditional appointment, allowing you the time to ask questions for the health problems needing to be solved.
  • The Nurse Practitioner is with you the WHOLE appointment not just a few minutes, this allows us to really get to know you and remember your unique story.
  • We have never and will never double book patients; we respect your time.
  • Insurances pay more for procedures and tests, not talking to you. We can spend the time that is needed in direct care with patients not ordering unnecessary tests, filling out paperwork and/or telling you to come back for multiple appointments due to the limited appointment time.

Statistics show that when providers know their patient they are more likely to: diagnose faster, reduce medical error, educate on prevention and optimize a patient’s health.   Our unique model of care provides the highest quality of care; it also saves you the patient in overall time and is the most cost effective type of care.

If you have insurance all lab and radiology tests ordered can still be billed under insurance.

If you have a high deductible we have a lab contract that can reduce the costs of tests ordered.

Please contact the office for further information regarding visit fees. If you are making an appointment on-line the fees are posted with the type of appointment you are scheduling.