I found NWNP through Yelp, and I’ve had a great experience there as a patient for the past three years. I agree with a lot of what others said regarding Erin’s thoroughness and genuine care. When I first came to the practice, I was stressed about a career change and actually cried during my initial visit. Then and throughout my entire time with the practice, Erin has shown so much compassion. I appreciate that following blood tests, she gives concrete, well-researched suggestions for how to improve any vitamin or other indicator that is low. I always felt that I could have an open conversation with her about my health, fitness, and well-being. I’m now moving across the country for graduate school, but as a DC native, I hope to (somehow) remain a patient for years to come.”
Becky K. Yelp Review

Erin continues to provide excellent on going care. She has terrific knowledge as well as a network of specialists for referral. She adapts plans to meet the patient’s needs. (And Rosalyn is a gem of an office manager).”
Mike B. Angie’s List review

I have been seeing Erin for over 6 years now. Ever since I came to USA. My close friend recommended her and even though I have been with and without the insurance over the time – I would still go to her no matter the cost. Even though my anxiety spikes up whenever I need to see a doctor- what helps and makes it so much easier is the fact that I am seeing Erin and I know that no matter what the news are – she will have the right answers and right approach. I couldn’t be more grateful.”
Natasha D. Yelp review

While there I mentioned a persistent cough and Erin examined my lungs and ear/nose/throat – an impromptu sick visit. She prescribed some antibiotics and an inhaler and a week later the cough is gone. Erin knows her patient’s histories well and is a great diagnostician. She provides thorough, comprehensive care.”
Jaea H. Angie’s List review

Erin, again, I came away from my annual physical feeling grateful to be in your practice. Your medical care is smart and compassionate. You strike the precise balance that so many practitioners aim for, but which the structure of their practice doesn’t support – the health care provider/patient partnership. You truly achieved it.”
Stacey D. Thank you card

This place is fantastic. I went there for travel vaccinations and couldn’t believe how much she knew about the region I was headed, and what health concerns to take into consideration. This is THE place to go for travel medicine. The staff is super friendly and helpful too – you feel welcome from the minute you walk in the door.”
PJ. Yelp review

Thank you so much for the attentive and generous attention you paid me during my first visit with you. Being new to DC it is a great comfort to be associated with such a caring and thorough practitioner.”
Jessica W. Thank you card

Erin Bagshaw and her staff, in particular Greg and Rosalyn, are the most professional, personable, knowledgeable and friendly folks it has been my pleasure to deal with in a long time. I have been a patient there for about eight years and have never once been disappointed in any one of them. I just had a medical emergency and they fit me in on the same day. Wonderful as people and fantastic medically.”
Nancy S.

I’ve been a patient from the very beginning. Can’t say enough positive about everyone there — primary care, travel, admin. Just the best.”
David G. Yelp Review

I love Erin. She treats you like a person. She answers your questions. She is efficient and you barely spend any time in the waiting room. Her receptionist, Greg, is darling. It doesn’t take forever to get an appointment. A rarity here in DC!”
Caroline B. Yelp review

This is the best healthcare experience I’ve ever had. I have been to this clinic on a number of occasions and every one has been an excellent experience. Erin is superb.”
Todd M. Yelp review

I am so happy to have found NNP Associates. Erin is absolutely wonderful. She is extremely professional, kind and warm. After seeing many doctors with whom you spend a minute, it is nice to get a doctor’s full attention. It is really a pleasure to go to Northwest Nurse Practitioner Associates.”
Sana B. Yelp review

Erin takes her time and explains everything. She is incredibly knowledgeable and she makes it very comfortable to talk about your health and ask questions. I highly recommend her and Northwest Nurse Practitioner Associates.”
Susan G. Angie’s List review

If you need to have a physical she’ll take an hour instead of five minutes like a doctor would. My experience was awesome because she talks to you about things and you have time to sit and talk about your health. She brings thing to my attention and she takes the time to tell me what I need to be doing to take care of my body. When I have little things I’ll call and leave a message, and she calls back within a few hours with an answer. It’s like having a doctor who is your friend. I have been using her for about six years and I never go to anyone else.”
Pascale M. Angie’s List review

I did end up getting the rabies follow-up and it made me realize in a different way the important work you do. Thanks again for your attentive care.”
Emily. Post card from a travel medicine phone consult

Thanks to you I am having a great time! You are wonderful and I am so thankful you’re there when I need you.”
Greg R. Post card

I have been fortunate with Doctors over the years, however when I went to get my vaccinations at the Northwest Nurse Practitioners Associates I realized what I was missing – Medical care from a professional:

  • with years of experience in both domestic and international based medicine.
  • who spends time to dig deep into what your health concerns are, and listens to you.
  • who explains test results and their indications.
  • who treats you with respect and consideration
  • who does not rush you or make you feel like a number
  • who looks you in the eye, and knows who you are.
  • who can give you an appointment quickly, not make you wait weeks or months.
  • who gives you practical advice to improve your health care customized to your needs and your reality.

I can go on and on, bottom line – this is a great place. The staff is great as well and is always kind and helpful.”
Anna D. Yelp review

I love going to NW Nurse Practitioners. I can’t say that about any other doctor. The front office staff is charming, friendly, and treats me like family. The diagnoses have been right on as has the treatment.”
Cookie B. Yelp review

Erin and her staff are GREAT! Erin carved out long appointment times and was thorough and patient in answering all of my questions – which I have a lot of! I saw her for regular check ups, lady appts (you know what I’m saying) and international vaccination appts. I live in LA now with one of the best medical centers at my doorstep (UCLA) but I seriously miss this care and this office!”
J B. Yelp review

If every medical practitioner in the country took the approach of Erin Bagshaw, we wouldn’t have a health care crisis. She took all the time I needed to walk me through my options for several travel vaccinations, patiently answered my questions, and recommended lower-cost options when necessary. I would have no hesitation about going back to her service or recommending friends.”
Mn I. Yelp review

I love the attentiveness and care provided by an NP as opposed to the usual rapid fire medicine experienced in hospitals where you are just another number/bill. We can actually have a conversation about my health and is far more beneficial. My experience at NWNP was much more like what imagine a family doctor experience was decades ago.”
Caleb P. Angie’s List review

Hands down THE BEST. I’ve been searching for healthcare like this for 12 years. Glad I finally found it.”
S D. Yelp review

I have been a patient of Northwest Nurse practitioners for roughly 7 years. As others have noted, Erin Bagshaw is the most competent, compassionate, and genuine health professional I have ever come across. No problem is too big or too small – she is always thorough and considerate which is why I believe her approach is so effective.

Even though I have health insurance, I choose to see Erin and incur the extra cost because I don’t think I’ll find the same quality of service anywhere else. Her rates are reasonable and she’s never recommended unnecessary tests. I also have to give kudos to her excellent front office!”
Yesi M. Yelp review

I’ve had an outstanding experience over the past 5 years with Northwest Nurse Practitioners – NP Erin Bagshaw is as professional and thorough as they come, incredibly sharp with a skill for detail. Beyond her medical competency, she’s compassionate. She always holds herself and her practice to the highest standards.”
Alexis S. Yelp review

Fantastic; the best medical experience I have ever had. I have gotten my annual physical there for three years. When you are there, you are the only patient being seen for the entire hour.”
Timothy A. Yelp review

Erin came into my life when I was at a really low point and could not get an appointment to see my own physician. Not only is she extremely talented when it comes to medicine/health she is also lovely, personable, straight-forward, and sincere. She is wonderful. No reservations.”
Dawn R. Yelp review

My experience at NNPA has been absolutely stellar in every aspect. The quality of care provided is of the highest degree – and I would know having worked in the field of medicine and visited numerous practices around the world. The administrative staff is polite and organized, and Erin is focused, courteous, and thorough with each patient. Erin can take care of all your needs in one stop. I feel so lucky to have found a provider I can trust implicitly.”
Jean M. Yelp review

I first started seeing Erin for primary care about two years ago, and she is by far better than any doctor, nurse, or otherwise I’ve ever visited. She is incredibly thorough, and really tries to get to the root of any health issues, rather than just treating symptoms. Her scheduling is great, and I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait for an appointment. I can’t recommend her highly enough; I’d give her practice six stars if I could.”
John S. Yelp review

The absolute best. I go to Erin for all of my primary care needs. My insurance doesn’t cover any of my visits to her, but she is such a good NP that I pay out of pocket and would never dream of going anywhere else.”
Faye S. Yelp review

I went to NNPA to get vaccinations for my South America trip. Erin is a real professional in every sense of the word. She answered tons of questions I had spending a very generous amount of time with me without charging extra. It is always refreshing to deal with someone who has a passion for their work and can be so helpful.”
Joe H. Yelp review

I am constantly amazed by this practice. I have been seeing Erin for 3 years; she has been my primary care provider in every way– for physicals, your standard virus/flus, health scares, travel meds and health concerns. In a city that is always in a hurry she stands out as someone who is calm, non-judgmental and thoughtful. She is extremely thorough and takes questions/concerns very seriously. She has a wonderful bedside manner and is incredibly bright– and engaged.”
Angela K. Yelp review

I recently decided upon Northwest Nurse Practitioner Associates to provide vaccinations for a trip I’m soon taking to Uganda. Erin was incredibly helpful, really focusing on education along with the vaccines/pills. She really was comforting, informative, yet also direct and efficient. I would highly recommend NNPA for your travel needs!”
Andy F. Yelp review

I’m lucky in lots of ways, including my favorable prognosis, but aslo including having you to keep an eye out for me. I really appreciate your competence, good cheer, and devotion to what you do.”
Geoff G. Thank you card

Erin, you are damn good at what you do.
Patricia A. Thank you card

Erin is the best. She doesn’t rush you, she’s warm and she knows what she’s doing. She’s full service, which means once you’re a patient you can get in touch with her in emergencies. I was being treated for DVT and there were a couple of instances where she saved me a trip to the ER because I was just being a hypochondriac. You really get the sense that she really cares about your health and isn’t just trying to get you in and out to see the next patient.”
James C. Yelp review

I want to thank you for the good care you gave me. I really appreciated the time you took with me and the concern you showed. It really meant a lot to me that you cared. My life is better for it.”
Mary L. Thank you card

After calling around to many, many, yellow fever certified clinics, I decided to go to NW Nurse Practitioners. Because they work directly with the customer, and not through insurance companies, the yellow fever vaccine was a whole $30 cheaper. You can also buy complete medical travel kits at the clinic, which is very convenient. It’s easier than getting each item individually!

I recommend NW Nurse Practitioners for anyone who needs travel vaccinations or information about travel medicine.”
Catherine K. Yelp review