Travel Medicine

Travel ConsultationPre-Travel Consultation

Northwest Nurse Practitioner Associates (NNPA) is a Certified YELLOW FEVER center and also holds a Certificate in Travel Health through the International Society of Travel Medicine.  This certificate recognizes individual excellence in the knowledge of travel medicine.  Very few medical providers that offer travel vaccines are certified and even fewer have ever seen these diseases but we have!

A Pre-Travel Consultation consists of:

  • A review of your itinerary (including in some cases flight paths that might change the need for required vaccines to enter countries), length of trip which impacts recommendations, type of travel – work, adventure, climbing a mountain or diving, etc.
  • Medical History to make sure you can receive vaccines if needed or to base prescriptions around.
  • Required versus recommended vaccines and chance of acquiring disease.
  • Malaria prescription if needed – choice based on type of strain of malaria in country, cost, and side effects.
  • Traveler’s Diarrhea prevention and a prescription for treatment if needed.
  • Other prescriptions may be recommended based on your trip itinerary for prevention/treatment of:  altitude illness, anaphylactic/allergic reactions, candidiasis (yeast).  However, if you are on routine medications or prefer to travel with certain types of medications that are not considered travel related, such as anti-anxiety medications, your Primary Care provider will need to continue to prescribe these for you.
  • Precautions will be reviewed for:  Food and Water safety, DEET/repellants, blood clot prevention, disease risks and treatment, altitude illness, water disinfection, and how to pack a medical travel kit.

There is one consultation charge that covers the consultation visit fee and writing the prescriptions needed to cover your trip.  All vaccines are priced separately in addition to the consultation. We do not charge an “administrative fee” for each vaccine and there is no follow-up administrative fee for vaccine boosters needed for the same trip. For a list of all Vaccines administered here at NNPA click here.

Payment is expected in full on the day of service.  We will give you an itemized bill to submit if you have insurance but be advised that we would not know if your particular insurance will cover any part of the visit or vaccines.  It is best to schedule your consultation 4 weeks ahead of your trip if possible as it will allow you more choice in types of vaccine and the time to reach full immunity before a trip.  We look forward to your visit and keeping you safe and healthy on your trip!